PEaCE (Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere) conducted four medical camps covering four areas in the Western Province in Sri Lanka on 04-06-2017. under the guidance of the organisation’s Chairperson Mr. Mohommad Maharuf. Accordingly, 174 residents in the respective areas were served by Dr. J. Jayathissa and Dr. K. M. I. Ellawala throughout the day. This is yet another contribution made by PEaCE (also known as ECPAT Sri Lanka) towards the well-being of the people of Sri Lanka in its active role in eliminating all kinds of exploitation of children and protecting their rights since 1991. PEaCE is of the view that to protect and safeguard children, a supportive, sensitive as well as healthy environment is also of crucial importance.

This one-day program started at 8.30 AM on 04-06-2017 (Sunday) in Badowita and Dr. K. M. I. Ellawala provided the medical services. Dr. Ellawala also supported the next clinic held in Aththidiya at 10.30 Am. Dr. J. Jayathissa helped us conduct two other clinics in Kaldemulla and Angulana from 1.30 PM to 5.30 PM (two hours each). The numbers of the beneficiaries of each medical clinic are: Kaldemulla: 23; Aththidiya: 47; Badowita: 56; Angulana: 48. Altogether, 174 people were provided with high quality medical services.

Medical clinic conducted by PEaCE (ECPAT Sri Lanka) on 04-06-2017

Dr. Jayatissa, checking a child during the medical clinic in Kaldemulla

Medical clinic conducted by PEaCE (ECPAT Sri Lanka) on 04-06-2017

Dr. Ellawala provided is service for clinics held in Badowita and Aththidiya.











PEaCE aims to commence a special medical campaign for the benefit of people affected by the recent floods and landslides in the Island. The first of such programs will be held tomorrow (06-06-2017based on the Ratnapura District.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children everywhere, PEaCE will also commence a special relief program to donate essential items such as school bags, stationary, cloths, shoes etc. to school children in Ratnapura, Avissawella, Kegalle and Galle within the next few days. After carefully analysing the officially disclosed statistics by the relevant government authorities, PEaCE has identified the timely need of helping these children resume their education after the recent disaster.

The entire program was coordinated by Mr. Sunil Gamage (a Director  of PEaCE) and Mr. J. M. Ayub (Administrative and Logistics Officer – PEaCE)