Nuwan, a 17 years old Advanced Level school boy from Dehiowita is the elder son of a family consisting of four members. Nuwan’s father is a government teaching advisor to children with special educational needs and his mother is a housewife. He was sexually abused by a music tuition teacher at his tuition class. Nuwan approached this teacher to have vocal training.

On the very first day, the teaches has given an unnatural ‘voice training advise’ to the boy: to shave his private area properly. At this time, no other students were present at the class. When Nuwan questioned the relevance of this advise, the accused tuition teacher has at once sprayed something onto the victim’s face, making him temporarily paralyzed. It is reported that the tuition master has pulled to a dark room which was located near the class room and taken Nuwan’s underwear off. The offender has sexually abused the victim and Nuwan has managed to push him and run away after a while when he was partially recovered.

After this, the child has informed his father of the incident and the father lodged a complaint with the closes police station and the accused was arrested on charges under the sections 365 and 115 (1) of the Penal Code of Sri Lanka. Medical examinations confirmed that the victim was mentally stable. Luckily, the boy was educated enough to inform the adults of the case but there are many Nuwan’s who lack a higher level of awareness and a family background, making them silent victims of similar abuses.