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Remanded for sexual abuse of boys after convincing them to drink beer and watch porn

A person accused of making 03 boys aged 11, 12 and 16 drink beer and watch porn, followed by sexual abuse has been remanded until July 05 by the Minuwangoda Courts, reports Mawbima paper (29-06-2017)

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14 year old student granted bail for sexually abusing a 7 year old girl

A 14 year old boy was taken into custody by the Children & Women’s Bureau of Panadura Police for sexually abusing a 7 year old girl. The boy had been produced at the Chief Magistrate’s Courts in Panadura, instructing the boy to be sent to Gothami Children’s Home for 14 days. The girl was admitted to Kethumathi Women’s Hospital.
When the accused was produced in Courts later, the Panadura Probation and Child Care Officer forwarded a report to courts and requested the accused to be handed over to his parents. Magistrate released the accused to his parents on a personal bail condition of Rs.10 lakhs, and instructed the Police to file a case against him.

5th Jan 2016

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Tuition master released on bail for keeping a 17 year old student as illegitimate wife

According to Raddolugama Police, a tuition master who was in remand custody had been released on cash bail of Rs.50,000/- and 2 personal bail of Rs.100,000/- each by the Negombo Chief Magistrate, for keeping a 17 year old student as his illegitimate wife for one month.
The complaint stated that the accused who is a private tuition master from Seeduwa had cheated the girl by promising he would extend real affection towards her as the girl was not getting any parental affection, and kept the girl at different boarding places and lived as husband and wife.

16 Jan 2017 (1)


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2 years jail sentence for suspect who raped an underage girl

The suspect who had sexually abused an underage girl for about 1 year accepted the verdict of the Gampaha Magistrate which is 2 years in prison with hard labour. The Magistrate upheld the verdict for a suspended sentence of 10 years and a cash fine of Rs.10, 000/-.
According to Kadawatha Police, it revealed the defendant had married the girl when she reached 18 years of age.

26 Jan 2017 (2)

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Suspect remanded due to molesting a student studying in an International School

According to Aluthgama Police, the accused has been produced in Kalutara Courts and remanded till 2 February by the order of the Chief Magistrate for molesting a 16 year old student.  The suspect has developed a false friendship with the girl and abused her while going to and from school.

The parents of the girl had made a complaint to the Police and thereafter the investigations were carried out.

26 Jan 2017 (3)

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Father who raped the adopted daughter released on personal bail

The Nugegoda Chief Magistrate ordered the release of the father who was in remand for raping his adopted daughter on personal bail of Rs.50,000/- .
The victim was ordered to be handed over to a relative sister through a probation officer. The verdict also stated that the suspect shall report to Maharagama Police on every last Sunday of the month and not to have any transaction with the victim.
According to the Maharagama Police, the suspect is a businessman in Maharagama Area and the victim had been adopted at the age of 3 months and she was sexually abused since 17 years of age. Also, the suspect has children of his own. An outsider who visited this house with the intention to marry one of the suspect’s daughter’s too has raped the victim. He too has been released on bail.

27 Jan 2017 (2)

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51 year old person taken into custody for molesting a 8 year old girl

According to Anguruwathota Police, a 51 year old man was taken into custody for molesting an 8 year old student studying in Grade 3.
It was revealed that the girl was sexually abused when she was alone at home. Though the girl had informed her mother about the incident the mother had ignored her. Afterwards she had informed her school’s Principal, who in turn ensured the police were alerted.
The Police produced the accused to the Magistrate of the Mathugama courts where he was remanded.
According to the Police the accused was a resident in the same area and the victim has been admitted to a Hospital in Panadura for medical investigation.

27 Jan 2017 (1)

Press cut 8th Feb 2017 Mawbima

15 year old mother; 17 year old father: The male paramour leaves after the birth of his child in depression

Following the disappearance of a 17 year old male after the birth of his child by a 15 year old, the Payagala Police have launched an investigation to locate the underage male.

Neighbours have informed the police that a minor had given birth in the house, prompting the police to admit the 15 year old mother and new born to the hospital.

The 15 year old girl’s mother has undertaken employment abroad and left her in the care of her aunt. The girl began a romance with the boy when travelling to school. The two minors were living together after a brief time. On February 3rd, 2017 the girl gave birth within the confines of her home. The underage male had left following the birth. The Payagala police have taken steps to arrest him.

On the instructions of the OIC of Payagala Police, the officers of the Children and Women’s Bureau are conducting further investigations on the incident.

8th Feb 2016 (1)

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School aged girl leaves home due to harassment from brothers

The Galgamuwa Police have arrested a 17 year old school girl at midnight in the Galgamuwa town. Due to consistent harassment at the hands of her brothers, the girl wanted to commit suicide and has therefore run away from home. She is a resident of Matara Thelijjawila. Having left home on the pretense of attending a tuition class, she has departed from Matara and reached Galgamuwa via train and bus. She carried a schoolbag and some school books with her. The police said that she was handed over to her parents.


Press cut 17th Feb 2017 Mawbima

Judge orders punishment for a kidnapping and rape case after fifteen years

The Gampaha High Court Judge sentenced a 22 year old father of two children to eight years in prison with hard labour. He was further ordered to pay a fine of Rs. 2000/- and compensation of Rs. 50,000/- to the victim. If he failed to comply with the fine and compensation, his sentence would beextended by 2 weeks and 3 months respectively.
This indictment was filed in the High Court by the AG’s Department to a man in Heiyanthuduwa area. The kidnapping and subsequent rape of the 14 year old girl took place in 2003. The judge ordered the punishment after the suspect pleaded guilty for both offences.


Press cut 24th Feb 2017 Mawbima

Three wheeler driver remanded for abusing a differently-abled female student

The Kamburupitiya Police has arrested a three wheeler driver, who provides transportation to school children, when he was abusing a 13 year old differently-abled female student inside the three wheeler. The victim is one of the many students he drops off at schools. He is 54 years old father of two.

During the investigation, the Kamburupitiya Police found that the victim, a differently-abled child with special needs was picked up from school following the end of her schooling day and taken to the parking lot of a different school, to wait for the students. During this period, he has abused her, on several occasions, inside the three-wheeler.

Under the care of her parents, the 13 year old victim has been admitted to the hospital for medical treatment.

The suspect has been taken in to custody and will be produced in courts with the coordination of the Kamburupitiya Chief Inspector, Community Police OIC and the relevant police officers in the area.


Press cut 1st March 2017 Mawbima

Peliyagoda police arrest two A/L students that eloped with two men, a married father and a deserted navy officer, following a romance on Facebook

Two 17 year old girls that eloped with their partners, whom they met over Facebook, were found seeking shelter in the Peliyagoda area. They had eloped with the two men, abandoning their education, with the intention of finding employment. The two girls are residents of Mahawa Nagollagama and Moragollagama areas. They were A/L students at the Nagollagama School.
The girls had taken the gold jewelry from their homes, which they had sold in order to buy appliances to their new house. At 20 and 21 years, one male is a married father of one while the other had deserted his post in the Navy.
Following two complaints, the Mahawa area police launched an investigation in to locating these two girls. With aid from a friend of one of the girls, the police were able to secure a location. The four individuals, two 17 year old girls and the 20 and 21 year males, were taken in to custody.
The investigation to the incident is being undertaken by the Galgamuwa, Mahawa police.


Press cut March 2017 Mawbima

Suspect further remanded for showing nudity to a female student

Kaduwela Magistrate’s Courts ordered the suspect to be further remanded till 8th March 2017 for showing nudity to a female student by hiding near school toilet.
The suspect was arrested due to a similar incident in Kaduwela in an earlier instance and had escaped while in the police jeep. Later, on 17th January, the suspect was caught by the Police for a similar incident in Kottawa.
It has been revealed that the suspect was already involved in 28 crimesand had sexually abused a woman when he was involved in lootinga house in Polonnaruwa, and fled the scene.
The present court case is being scheduled for 8th March


 Press cut 6th March 2017 Mawbima

Uncle and Aunt caught after raping 17 year old niece

The Kalutara North Police said a man and a woman were arrested for raping and aborting the pregnancy of a 17 year old girl.
The Police reported the man and woman are as her related Aunty and Uncle. When the girl’s father was passed away, she was brought under the care of her grandmother and later the girl was handed over to the relatives. According to the police, the aunt had bought the girl to the uncle’s room. Later, there had been quarrels among the couple. The man assaulted his wife as he started to live as husband-wife with his niece. Due to this relation, the 17 year old had become pregnant. The girl was taken to undertake an abortion. Following the abortion, the girl was subjected to severe internal bleeding caused by the abuse. As the victim’s condition got worse, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment. The couple, aunt and uncle, had fled the area with their 2 children.
The Kalutara North Police said that they are taking measures to arrest the grandmother, the doctor who performed the abortion, the three wheeler driver who transported the girl and few others who have helped out.
Under the instructions of the Superintendent of Police of the Kalutara Division, the Kalutara North Police together with other Police Officers are conducting investigations.
 Press cut March 2017 Mawbima
 To Amend the Abortion Law – Parājanma Doctors Association 
Sri Lanka could minimize disability birth and mortality rates in the future by amending the Abortion Law, said Dr. Kapila Jayaratne, President of Parājanma Doctors Association.
He also mentioned that the Association tried to get this law amended twice before but failed. By doing so, the women in Sri Lanka will be benefitted with the facility to destroy the embryo at an early stage and will be able to avoid having disability births and still births.
In order to do get the law amended the Dr. Jayaratne said that the Ministry of Justice has already paid attention to his and submitted a cabinet paper in this regard.
Press cut 7th March 2017 Mawbima

Father to be arrested for molesting his 12 year old daughter

Kalutara North Police are conducting investigations to arrest a man who fled the area after molesting his own daughter of 12 years.
The wife of the accused has complained to the Police saying that her husband used to touch the daughter when she is at sleep in the night, after consuming liquor. The daughter has confirmed this when she was questioned, and informed that the accused has been doing this for a longtime. The girl was admitted to hospital for examination and the accused has fled the area.
Further investigations to the incident are being conducted by the Kalutara North Police together with other Police Officers.