PEaCE organized a special ceremony to celebrate Universal Children’s Day 2017 yesterday (20) at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute with the presence of Hon. Dr. Sudarshani Fernandopulle, State Minister of City Planning and Water Supply as the Chief Guest. Government officials, lawyers, teachers, parents and over 200 children from several areas participated in this colourful event. Many participants appreciated the efforts of PEaCE after the programme especially for using this very important day to raise awareness of child protection.  The gathering also entertained a short play and a dancing item arranged by us with the participation of children. 

PEaCE marked its 25 years of history full of many productive efforts towards the protection of children in a book titled “PEaCE at 25: Celebration and Reflections” and launched at yesterday’s ceremony. The first copy of this remarkable book was presented to the Chief Guest by Mr. Mohammed Mahuruf, Chairman of PEaCE. Without being just another historical record of an organization, this book provides a compressive picture about the situation in Sri Lanka relating to child protection and also the legal aspects.

Another important action during the programme was the Token of Recognition presented to four Senior Area Coordinators attached to PEaCE, to recognize their support to the organization in various initiatives. Hon. Sudarshani Fernandopulle presented the four Tokens to Ms. Kamala Muthiah, Mrs. P. V. Manel Elsida Perera, Mrs. Kurugamage Theresa Benedicta Perera and Mrs. Wannakuwatte Susima Indrani Peiris.

At the end of the programme, PEaCE made all the participant children happy by presenting a valuable school bag as a surprise gift to send them home with happy faces. Especially this was highly appreciated by the children who came for the ceremony from areas where a lot of economic problems prevail. We are happy that we were able to celebrate this remarkable day with the active participation of the children and adults alike.