PEaCE pays special attention to promoting child protection at both regional and national levels by approaching a diverse range of target groups including government officials, stakeholders in key industries such as the ICT and the travel and tourism industries , policy makers, law enforcement authorities, community-based organisations, students, teachers and the general public. With the ultimate aim of raising the awareness of child right related matters and complicated issues associated child abuse and exploitation, the organisation implements many programmes at various community levels.

To facilitate its primary focus on increasing the level of awareness among the general public on the timely need of eliminating child abuse and exploitation, PEaCE has now launched a separate Twitter page in the Sinhala medium with the aim of initiating an open and participatory dialog on the rights of the child. This new twitter account has been launched with specific focus on the local community, in addition to the official English account.

PEaCE wishes to launch a Tamil version of the same in the near future to further expand its services towards children everywhere.

The new Sinhala official Twitter account can be accessed via: