District Children’s Council Awareness Raising Program – Ratnapura

On February 25th 2017, PEaCE conducted an awareness program for 42 children of the District Children Council in the Ratnapura area. The program was also attended by a select number of parents at the City Council Hall. In the present, Sri Lanka faces a huge problem in children being sexually exploited online and in travel and tourism. Director and Psychology consultant to PEaCE Mr. Sunil Gamage provided much needed insight in to the sexual exploitation of children online and in travel and tourism and the mechanisms which can be employed to safely browse the web. Former Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Probation and Child Care Services Mr. E. K. Ariyadasa highlighted on lessons learnt during his tenure on child protection and child rights. In the last segment of the program, PEaCE Advocacy Officer and law student Mrs. Apsara Kasthuriarachchi conducted a session on the negative implications of child marriage and the value of education. At the end of the program, PEaCE conducted a discussion and informal evaluation with the participants. The children had grasped the importance of all three facets spoken on. Children obtained comprehensive knowledge on the importance of safely browsing the internet, rights of children and their protection and the appropriate age for marriage. Most of the children that participated in the program stated that having understood the gravity of issues that affect them, they value their education much more now and will strive to achieve higher in their education.