While the practice of CST can erode the moral integrity of our nation, the greatest victims are of course, the defenceless children; their voices unheard, their stories untold, their plight implacable, and their innocence stolen. They must endure the immediate and long-term emotional, psychological, and physical impact of sexual exploitation. To make matters even worse, in areas with limited educational opportunities, people are ill-informed of the health risks and the severe long-term psychological harm that is inflicted on children who are sexually exploited. A notable factor in the child sex tourism, trafficking industry is that children are most often exploited by someone they know and trust, such as family members. In order to gain additional income or relieve themselves from an additional burden, parents or extended family members introduce children in to the sex trade.

Child prostitution is a form of sexual abuse involving the commercial sexual exploitation of children in which a child performs sexual acts in exchange for some form of payment. Most countries have strict laws surrounding the sexual exploitation of children and many customers engage in child sex tourism, travelling to foreign countries to evade the laws within their home country. Technology has also allowed children to be prostituted over the internet, increasing the rates of child pornography and human trafficking across the globe. Child prostitution is rarely a personal choice and is generally a form of organized crime run by an individual pimp or, more commonly, by a large-scale sex trafficking network. Child prostitutes can be of any age. The children are most often between 11 and 18 years of age but are at times much younger.

UNICEF and International Labour Organization (ILO) says 40,000 children have fallen prey to child prostitution in Sri Lanka. PEaCE has helped many child victims to overcome this phenomenon that is child prostitution by providing legal services to help them demand justice from those who have stolen the child’s inherent right to security. Furthermore, PEaCE offers counselling as well as a plethora of other services that will help these children to reintegrate into society and to live a normal life.