Lakna* was a beautiful little eleven year old but despite her age, she was harbouring a demon inside of her that kept clawing at her insecurities leading her to depression and anxiety that stemmed from the events that have transpired in her short life. Her father had a penchant for alcohol and had a short temper. Due to this her mother left him. However, leaving him led her to a great deal of financial trouble, forcing her to take up many odd jobs which included prostitution. In the meantime, the children, especially Lakna, suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of her uncles, neighbours and other known figures in her life in the absence of their mother. Due to these events, Lakna abandoned her education and secluded herself from society.
Having recognized the plight of the family, PEaCE has been working with this family since June 2016 and we were able to encourage and advise the mother on her next steps and educate the children not only with regards to their school work, but prevention and safety measures as well.
We can fortunately report that Lakna became the first in her class at a recent term test and her mother informed us that arming themselves with knowledge and security, her children were able to escape from their perilous past and have taken a keen interest in their school work and subsequently expanded their social circles.
The perpetrator (the uncle) has to report to the police station every month to assure the safety of the Lakna as well as any others.
To further assure the financial security of the family, PEaCE will be aiding her in starting up her own work. She wants to purchase apparels from Maharagama in bulk and sell to those in her area. PEACE intervention enabled the mother to be more attentive towards her daughters, especially in their security and to stop her personnel ill habits, with the main object as aligning with children’s education.
*Name changed to protect anonymity